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Zultanite Christals

Zultanite is usually a yellow gemstone with color change.

Zultanite christals belong to the group of oxides.

Composition: aluminium oxide hydroxide, AlO(OH)
Zultanite crystals are usually thin and lamellar.Zultanite

The gemstone was first discovered in 1801 in the Urals (Russia). It has many names, the name “diaspore” comes from the Greek word “disperse”, because some samples when heated crack easily disintegrating into smaller particles.
It is one of the components of the ochreous bauxite. It is mined in Turkey (Anatolia) as a gemstone bearing the name of “zultanite”.
This gemstone features a rare phenomenon of color change at different lighting: it is pale green or yellow in the daylight and it acquires the shades of pink in the artificial light.
There is also a kind of zultanite christals featuring iridescence, the so-called “cat’s eye”.

Mining Sites

Zultanite christals are mined in South Africa, the United States (Arizona, Pennsylvania), New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina Russia, England and China. But the most of the valuable stones, the color-changers, come from Turkey.
Use in Jewelry

The kind of this precious stone known as zultanite is faceted to emphasize the color change effect depending on the light.
The stones displaying a pronounced color change effect are extremely rare.
Cleaning and Precautions

The stone is fragile because of its easy lamellar tearing

Similar Gems: Alexandrite, grossularite.

Zultanite Christals in Lithotherapy

As its shades, the stone symbolizes delicacy, tranquility, relaxation, placid rest. The stone promotes mental and intellectual evolvement, fosters ambitions. It balances emotions and logical thinking. On the top chakra, it promotes fine art creativity, elaboration of innovative ideas and boundless thoughts. On the solar plexus, it also affects the mind, facilitates realistic reflection, and opens the mind to the new directions. On the root chakra, it supports the roots, reminds of the material world, arranging priorities in the business and controlling the thoughts.

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