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Zoisite This stone was named after Sigmund Zois, a philanthropist with the title of Baron von Edelstein. He equipped and sent many geologists to prospection and exploration geological expeditions.

Zoisite is a silicate of complex structure, which incorporates aluminum and calcium. It occurs in light brown, green, azure, aquamarine, blue, marsh, light brown, brown, transparent-green color.

Rare species of zoisite having pink color that is due to manganese ions were found in Norway. This stone was named thulite. Thulite was also found in countries such as the USA, South Africa and Australia. This stone bears some resemblance to rhodonite. All varieties of zoisite have gleaming glass shine and have uneven fracture.

ZoisiteZoisite Healing Properties

Healing Propertiesof zoisite are characterized by all those features that are common to all green minerals. Experts believe that this stone can be a wonderful tool for the prevention of heart and blood vessels diseases. The mineral helps to normalize blood pressure, relieves headaches and migraines, helps to alleviate the patient’s condition at colds.

Chinese practce considers that zoisite affects the heart chakra.

ZoisiteZoisite Magical Properties

The magical properties of zoisite used for making amulets, which can improve family relationships. A human figure made of this stone will help save peace in the family. This amulet should be stored at home, in a secret place, away from the sight of the others which can deprive the stone of its power.

Zoisite favors no specific zodiac sign, but it will definitely not harm any. A ring with zoisite can attract happiness and love. However, the magical effect of the stone does not occur at once, so the magicians recommend young people to wear it with the view of a mature age.

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