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Vivianite is a talisman that relieves its owner from excessive solar energy.Vivianite was named after the English mineralogist John Henry Vivian, who was the first to discover the gem. Other names of the mineral include mullicite and glaucosiderite.

The coloring of the mineral can be blue or bluish-green. The colorless stones sometimes occur as well. Vivianite darkens if exposed to sunlight and can turn almost black. Its luster is pearly and vitreous. The hardness of the gem is 2.0; its density is 2.6 g/cm3. The main deposits of the mineral are in Russia, Ukraine, England, and the USA.

Healing Properties

Vivianite regulates and soothes its owner’s nervous system. It relieves from stress, insomnia and nightmares, as well as eliminates various phobias.

Magical Properties

Vivianite conducts lunar energy to a person. Meanwhile, it darkens and virtually burns down in the sunlight, thus turning its positive properties into negative ones. Just like all the stones influenced by the moon, vivianite can endow its owner with the gift of magic, clairvoyance and enchantment, the ability to read dreams and tell fortunes. Magicians who worship the moon use vivianite crystals when they perform rituals called esbats. During the new moon phase they put the mineral under the moonlight and thus charge it with lunar energy. When the moon is full, they perform a ritual that connects the magician and the moon with the help of vivianite. Throughout the night of the full moon, ministers of the lunar cult can communicate with their goddess asking her for answers, help, protection and assistance in various matters. Vivianite charged with lunar energy can cleanse both the body and the soul and eliminate the negativity in the room. It can even cure some diseases, especially skin disorders.

vivianite relieves from stress, insomnia and nightmaresAstrologers advise having this mineral to people of all the signs of the zodiac but Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. However, you should be aware that the stone is not ornamental. Therefore, it should not even be polished, because then it loses some of its properties. During the day, it is best to keep vivianite in a wooden or silver box wrapped in purple silk, since purple is the color of the moon. After the sunset, it should be put in a prominent place so that it could cleanse the room during the night. The mineral should be put back into its place at the first rays of the sun.

Vivianite is a talisman that relieves its owner from excessive solar energy. There is a rule of the balance in the Chinese technique Feng Shui the violation of which attracts all the troubles and diseases to a person. Although the sun gives life to everything in the world, it is often overly active. The moon or some objects influenced by the moon can be helpful in the neutralization of this energy excess (i.e. the restoration of the balance).




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