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Conichalcite affects the throat chakra.

The name conichalcite comes from the Greek words konis meaning powder and chalx meaning lime. Conichalcite is a compound containing arsenic. The mineral can be colored in bright green or yellowish. The luster is vitreous. The gem’s hardness makes up 4.5, and its density is 4.3 g/cm3. Major deposits of the stone are located in […]

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Beads and bracelets of jadeite regulate blood pressure

The name of the mineral derives from the Spanish words piedra dejada meaning the stone of the side. Other names of jadeite include chloromelanite and Yunnan jade. Jadeite is an earth silicon compound. Its crystals are translucent. The coloring of the mineral may vary from emerald green, light green and light blue to shades of […]

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Tiger’s Eye

tiger’s eye favors creative people

Tiger’s eye stands out from the minerals with the cat’s eye effect for a specific golden-brown wavy pattern. Hawk’s eye is a variety of tiger’s eye. Tiger’s eye is one of the quartz varieties. The coloring of the mineral is brown with golden stripes. The luster is vitreous. The hardness of the stone is 7.0, […]

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physicians recommend wearing seraphinite to people who underwent surgery

Healing Properties of Seraphinite Seraphinite has very powerful healing properties. The stone can stimulate regenerative processes in the body. Notably, the mineral affects the cellular level. Due to this feature, seraphinite is helpful in healing wounds, injuries and burns. In addition, physicians recommend wearing jewelry with the stone to people who underwent surgery (especially cardiac […]

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Hiddenite boosts the effect of the medication prescribed to a patient

Hiddenite was named in honor of William Earl Hidden, an American mineralogist. There are other names of the mineral and its varieties, and lithia emerald is one of them. Hiddenite is an emerald-green variety of spodumene, which is a member of pyroxene group; that is why it is sometimes called spodumene-emerald. Compositionally, it is a […]

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Eudialyte typically occurs as acinose mass.

Eudialyte is a complex zirconium, sodium and calcium silicate with various impurities of rare-earth elements. It is an end member of the eudialyte—euctolite isomorphous series. Eudialyte rarely forms crystals; it typically occurs as acinose mass. Eudialyte is the original mineral that can be found in the nephelinic syenites and their pegmatites. It is most commonly […]

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Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is a Symbol of Loyalty

Rock crystal is a transparent colorless variety of quartz. It occurs as prisms with rhombohedral pointed heads. Composition SiO2 Other names Colorless quartz, rhinestone, quartz crystal, Alaska diamond, berg crystal, unripe diamond, mountain crystal Varieties Venus’s-hairstone is a rock crystal with the impurities of rutile, gothite, tourmaline or actinolite. Healing Properties Rock crystal is a […]

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This mineral was named after the Italian volcano Vesuvius, as it was first discovered in 1796 in its lava and described by geologist A. Werner. It and its varieties also have other names in the literature: a false jade, California jade, idocrase, volcanic chrysolite, American jade, Pakistani jade, green-aluminium garnet, glass agate, californite. Vesuvianite is […]

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Angelite is a variety of anhydrous calcium sulfate. It has purple or bluish tinge. The name is linked to its delicate coloring. You can find such a poetic name of this mineral as the angel’s stone. Most often, angelite has white, bluish, purple, grayish or reddish colors. The stone is translucent and gleams with glass […]

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