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Vesuvianite1This mineral was named after the Italian volcano Vesuvius, as it was first discovered in 1796 in its lava and described by geologist A. Werner. It and its varieties also have other names in the literature: a false jade, California jade, idocrase, volcanic chrysolite, American jade, Pakistani jade, green-aluminium garnet, glass agate, californite.

Vesuvianite is a silicate of calcium and aluminum. The crystals of the mineral are generally pyramidal or prismatic, columnar crystals occur as well. The crystals look as if they are made from a variety of geometric shapes, which are fused with each other and become one large crystal.

VesuvianiteThe mineral is usually green in various shades of yellow-green, emerald green, bottle green, swampy green. The most known deposits are in countries such as Pakistan, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Norway and Russia.

Vesuvianite Healing Properties

It is believed that the therapeutic properties of vesuvianite have beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. This mineral helps strengthen the nerves and normalize psyche of its owner. The stone should also be worn by those who have thyroid problems. Vesuvianite is efficient against both benign and malignant growth. Women suffering from chronic headaches should wear the stone in the earrings.


Vesuvianite Magical Properties

Vesuvianite likes to create comfort and convenience around itself and its owner. It will awaken even the most unassuming person to tidy up their home: hang wallpaper, new curtains, etc.

The stone will help you to see beauty even in the minor little things, it will endow its owner with design talents and creative energy. However vesuvianite can not tolerate dirt and mess. The owner of this mineral, even if he is a bachelor, will begin to experience cravings for cleaning their home.

Vesuvianite3Vesuvianite magical properties can affect not only the home of its owner, but also the owner themselves. It will encourage women to care about her figure, it will give them the courage to refuse the sweets and start jogging in the morning, awaken the desire to be always stylishly dressed and made up. For the sake of beauty the stone will also take care of bad habits of its owner, will help them quit smoking if necessary.

It is believed that the stone is suitable to all the zodiac signs. It will particularly favors people born under the signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Virgo.

As a talisman, the stone will help its owner at work. It will attract the sympathy of the chief, the goodwill of the colleagues and the trust of business partners. The stone loves to patronize creative people: artists, writers, designers, fashion designers, actors, literary critic.




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