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Venuss-HairstoneVenuss-hairstone is composed of quartz, which contains impurities of rutile, goethite, tourmaline, actinolite. One of the varieties of this mineral is the so-called “classic” Venus’s-hairstone, which contains impurities of rutile or goethite (which is much rarer), whereby it is called rutile quartz.

Quartz with golden rutile strings is the most beautiful variety of this stone. Tourmaline quartz has black hair-strings.

Sometimes this mineral is poetically called Cupid’s arrows (or Amour’s) or sagenite (from the Greek “sagene” mesh, seine). When the stone has mesh with a triangular pattern, it is named sagenite quartz.

Venus’s-Hairstone Healing Properties

Venus's-HairstoneThis stone has been known since ancient times. In ancient Greece it was believed that the “hair of Venus” will ensure its owner’s longevity and activity to a great age.

At present lithotherapists credit Venus’s-hairstone with healing properties aimed to increase immunity and relief of colds and flu, eliminating difficulties in breathing, sore throat (especially angina) and curing respiratory tract. People believe that Cupid’s arrows can mitigate the negative effects of radiation on the human body.

Venus’s-hairstone of greenish and gray shades are attributed the ability to cure insomnia and nightmares. In addition, this stone can strengthen the nervous system, relieve stress and normalize psyche.

Venus's-HairstoneVenus’s-Hairstone Magical Properties

Ancient sorcerers of Egypt in their magical rites actively used magical properties of Venus’s-hairstone. In Western Europe the stone was used for fortune-telling.

The stone is also credited with the ability to enhance and develop man’s psychic abilities. The person who wears it for a long time may one day wake up as a second-sighted, telepath, medium, etc. It is assumed that the presence of rutile in the stone makes it such a powerful artifact.

For ordinary people Venus’s-hairstone can be useful in that it can provide happiness, attract love and wealth. It is able to protect its owner from negative external influences, and to remove the evil eye or damage imposed.

Venus’s-hairstone can open internal creative impulses, help people fulfill their hidden desires, feel the freedom of creativity. If a person wants to get lucky in love, they should wear Venus’s-hairstone on their chest as a brooch or a pendant with a tiny mirror that will enhance its effect.

If you want to wear Venus’s-hairstone as a protective amulet against the evil eye or damage, it should be set in the ring. The stone should not be worn at all times; otherwise, it may have the opposite effect.




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