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VarisciteVariscite Healing Properties

At the present stage, doctors believe that variscite can help a person find peace of mind. The stone protects its owner’from insomnia, nightmares, unreasonable fears. Also lithotherapists recommend to use this stone for those who have problems with bedwetting.

Variscite Magical Properties

Variscite is a stone of spiritual development. It is useful for meditation, because it will help its owner find balance and revealsurprising talents and abilities. Mediums believe that the magical properties of variscite disclose to its owner the story of their past lives. The stone will tell what wrongs you committed and what should be corrected in this life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVariscite endows a man with compassion, mercy, and benevolence. The stone is able to induce a person with a desire to help those in need. Awakeningthese qualities in a manthe stone attractsluck and financial stability for his deeds. The mineral is not intended to make its owner very wealthy, it does not like ambitions. However, it can provide the stability of the middle class. The mineral will not let its owner fail, it will protect them from evil slander and evil eye.

The signs of Fire are recommended to wear the stone. Variscite will help Aries, Leos, Sagittarius cope with their excessive selfishness and indifference to others. The stone protects all signs, but the Pieces are an exception. Variscite can greatly harm them, because they are already quite sensitive to other people’s failures. The stone can affect them so much that they seem to other people rather’annoying.

Variscite is a good mascot for people who are busy in social assistance, healthcare, education, the nurses in kindergartens, priests, as their work is connected with the help to other people.




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