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Vanadinite The word “vanadinite” comes from the name of the chemical element – vanadium, a ductile metal of silver color, because vanadinite is its main source.

The mineral usually has warm colors: red-brown, orange-red, dark brown, creamy beige. However, there are translucent transparent crystals of vanadinite. The crystals have nut-like or columnar form, sometimes they may be hollow inside. By the ability to refract light the physical properties of vanadinitae are similar to the properties of diamond.

The main fields of this mineral are in Beryezovski field near Ekaterinburg, Mibladen field in Morocco and in Arizona in the United States. Smaller fields of vanadinite are also found in Australia, Germany, Austria, Algeria, Zambia and Namibia.

Vanadinite Healing Properties

Vanadinite can be considered a kind of diseases “detector”. The stone can notify its owner of the impending disease in advance. It makes them feel a sharp pain that makes the person see a doctor who can diagnose before any serious complications. Once people commence appropriate treatment, the pain stops.

Vanadinite healing properties also allow it to affect the mental state of its owner. The modern level of medicine revealed that many illnesses arise because of the unstable condition of the nervous system, because of the constant stress and conflict in the family and at work.

Vanadinite brings its owner peace and comfort, it is able to keep them from excessive aggression and resentment. The stone becomes a kind of a “filter” for negative emotions that a person experiences.

VanadiniteVanadinite Magical Properties

Vanadinite would become a bit of a guardian angel for its owner. Vanadinite magical properties allow it to monitor the status of the human biofield, prevent changing it for the worse. Wearing the stone is recommended for people who have destructive habits. Smokers, drug addicts, alcoholics will learn to appreciate the remains of their health, it will help them realize the falsity of their chosen way and will even help quit these bad habits.

All the signs of the zodiac can wear vanadinite with the exception of Virgo. Virgos are overly concerned about their health, under the influence of this stone their mania can turn to hypochondria.

As a talisman Vanadinite is capable of supporting its owner in taking the right decision at a pinch and protect against any external aggression.




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