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Unakite favors people born under the sign of ScorpioUnakite is composed of feldspar of various coloring. This mineral is one of the varieties of granite. It can be pink, light green or dark green. There are crystals with the speckles of white, red, and brown. The stone is opaque. Its luster is silky. It has a hardness of 6.0-7.0 and a density of 2.6-2.7 g/cm3. The main deposits of unakite are located in Russia, China, Brazil, and Africa.

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, there is a belief that unakite is helpful in the prevention of numerous diseases. Beads of this mineral should be worn when there’s a risk of catching flu. Lithotherapists think that bracelets of unakite help in the treatment of obesity. It is believed that the stone normalizes digestion and reduces appetite. Some healers recommend wearing the unakite jewelry to women who can not get pregnant for a long time. As they assume, this mineral has a positive effect on one’s reproductive system. Spheres made of this stone are used for tonic facial and body massage.

Unakite affects the heart chakra.

Unakite affects the heart chakraMagical Properties

The magical properties of unakite are primarily aimed at one’s spiritual development.

Practicing magicians use this stone to make amulets which would protect from the negative influence of the environment and the loss of positive energy. In some European countries, sorcerers recommend wearing the green unakite bracelets to people who spend most of their life in big cities. Such a bracelet can keep one from getting stressed.

Unakite favors people born under the sign of Scorpio. It endows Scorpio women with a special charm, and helps Scorpio men get rid of their complexes.

Both works of unakite and pieces of the raw mineral can serve as a talisman. Unakite is an amulet of young people who aspire to find success in their life. A ring with this stone helps its owner develop oneself spiritually and mentally and contributes to their inner growth.

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