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ulexite will develop your sixth senseThe coloring of ulexite varies from white to gray and grayish-green. There can be both transparent and translucent crystals, and opaque crystals occur as well. Ulexite has silky lustre. The stone is a fairly soft material. It is commonly referred to as cat’s eye.

Healing properties of Ulexite

It is widely believed that ulexite has a very positive impact on one’s mentality. It is assumed that it can improve the eyesight. The stone also helps one recover from depression and nervous breakdowns.

Ulexite will tone its owner and cheer them up. The stone is believed to reduce appetite, which may help lose the extra weight.

Magical Properties of Ulexite

Magical properties of the gem are still not thoroughly studied, that is why ulexite is quite rarely used in magical practice. At the same time, it is mainly attributed with the magical property of memory. This stone can capture the personal traits of its owner, strengthen and multiply them by several times hereafter. However, you should mind that ulexite enhances not only the positive features, but also the negative ones.

Ulexite will tone its owner and cheer them up.Magicians often use ulexite to make various amulets for protecting the owner from envy and all the negative energy other people dump on them.

Ulexite is considered a talisman of those who are engaged in public activity. It helps one influence people and creates the effect of particular attention to its owner. The stone evokes others? sympathy towards its owner, helps them express their opinion and advance their ideas properly.

In addition, ulexite will develop your sixth sense, i.e. intuition: it will open up the ability to predict the outcome of events and make your responces quicker.

In the private life, ulexite helps the spouses remain faithful, making them honest and sensible. The stone serves as a love booster.

Presently, there are no specific recommendations for any zodiac sign to wear ulexite. The stone has a wonderful feature of adjusting to its owner. It takes some time, but once the stone gets used to you, it will protect you from all the bad things.

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