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Turquoise Gemstone Features

Turquoise gemstone is interesting due to its ability to love its owner and soothe them in everything they do. However, it has a property to bring happiness only to people who have high moral principles. It especially despises evil people and gossipers.Turquoise gemstone

Turquoise is an indicator of health: if turquoise gemstone darkened in your jewelry – it is a sure sign of an upcoming disease. This feature is inherent in the nature of the stone, it can not stand the heat, high humidity, vegetable oils. When a person falls ill the body temperature and humidity changes, and that is what sensitive turquoise detects. There is nothing wrong, you just better go see your doctor to check your health. You can cure your sick turquoise wrapping it in a piece of raw fatty meat for a short time.

Moreover, this stone brings happiness in love. If the amorous exchange jewelry of turquoise, each of them can observe the feelings of the beloved one. If the stone loses its color, dims, then the feeling is fading away.

Turquoise gemstone is a universal healer. However, it is particularly good for the eyes (contemplation of turquoise in the mornings improves eyesight), heart, lungs, liver, thyroid. Turquoise cures colds, sore throat, flu, insomnia, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, allergies, dermatitis and neuropsychiatric disease. It promotes skin regeneration.

This amazing stone contributes to the awakening of creativity, intuition and understanding of the laws of nature. Furthermore, turquoise being a perfect talisman is able to protect its owner from the influence of adverse energies.

Acquiring turquoise, pay special attention to the quality, since there are many commercial imitations, synthesized turquoise, dyed or glued stones.

Source: talisman.orakul.ua

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