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Turquoise and its Properties

Turquoise has long been used in the jewelry and charms. The Tibetans considered turquoise not a stone but a living divine being. According to the ancient Persian legends, turquoise was formed from the bones of people who died of love. Turquoise was especially popular in the Muslim world. Turquoise was used to engrave the legend about Mohammed.

TurquoiseHealing properties
Lithotherapists advise people who suffer from insomnia to wear turquoise set in silver. Since ancient times, there is a perception that a turquoise pendant worn on the neck staunches wounds, heals stomach ulcers and liver disease. A stone, rimmed in gold, normalizes all the processes in the human body, enhances its immunity. Darkening of the mineral is an indication that the owner of the stone should immediately seek medical attention.

Magical properties
All nations believe that turquoise is the happiest stone. It reconciles enemies, extinguishes anger of the owner, and the anger aimed at him from the outside, restores peace in the family, and softens chiefs? dissatisfaction. This mineral has a wonderful ability to change its color depending on the weather, looming disaster; it turns pale in the hands of a terminally ill person. This stone patronizes the fighters, the leaders, the brave, and the determined and independent people. The Persians say that if every morning one takes a few minutes to look at the turquoise, nothing wrong will happen on that day. This stone helps its owner to focus, to understand the reason of life, and determine the goals they should pursue, keeps people from worldliness, barren deeds, and protects from any troubles. The energy of the stone is so strong that it gives its owner the opportunity to win the high authority and power to gain the authority. However, be aware that this mineral has high moral principles, so if it goes to the moral offender the stone will punish them severely.

Turquoise helps in the matters of heart. In the Middle Ages people believed that if a woman quietly sews a piece of turquoise in the man’s clothes, she will attain his love and faithfulness. A ring with forget-me-not flowers of turquoise received as a gift from a loved one brings the owner happiness in their personal life and professional activities.

Astrologers advise to wear blue-whitish turquoise to people born under the sign of Sagittarius; green turquoise can be worn by Scorpios and Taurus; white turquoise brings happiness to Aries, Virgo and Pisces. All other signs should wear blue turquoise, except for the people born under the sign of Leo, who are not recommended to wear turquoise at all.

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