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Torbernite – a Mineral from Hell

ClinoclaseHow charmingly handsome this mineral is, as it is deadly. Torbernite crystals prisms contain uranium and can cause cancer in humans. In addition, when heated the stones begin to slowly emit dangerous radon gas to health.

Torbernite is a mineral from hell. Green prisms are formed as secondary deposits in granitic rocks and consist of uranium. Formed during the complex reaction between phosphorus, copper, uranium and water, stunning crystals clusters often lured collectors, so people took samples of these minerals for their collections, arranged on shelves. And these beautiful stones slowly emitted deadly radon gas, which can cause lung cancer. This is the crystal, which should be left alone.

TorberniteTorbernite can be found in granite, so your granite counter top can easily contain traces of torbernite. Bright green crystals clusters of are considered by miners as indicators of uranium deposits.In ancient times people often made jewelry, considering it? an “unusual malachite.” They were wrong, considering it harmless.

Torbernite Crystal




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