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Topaz Magical Properties

Topaz Magical PropertiesTopaz magical properties are known since ancient times. Our ancestors believed that the stone can protect them from evil spirits, the evil eye and malefice, and deal with witchery. The mineral is credited with the ability to restore the hope lost, evoke spirituality and endow one with prudence.

Topaz was considered the stone that can expose secrets and uncover intrigues. You can use it to incline people to submission.

The stone is believed to cope with the boisterous weather, that’s why those who traveled by sea took the gem along. However, there is an opposite opinion that you should not take it to long journeys as the mineral attracts weather disasters to demonstrate its power.

Topaz magical properties can not only pacify the weather, but also fix relationships and even make double-dyed rivals come to an agreement.

topaz_1Talisman with topaz

A talisman with topaz is used to attract good luck, wealth and success at work. The stone facilitates its owner’s career promotion, helps mend the relationships within the family, and educes foresight. An amulet with topaz gives strength, helps overcome difficulties and forwards material welfare. It boosts the energy of intelligence, heats the passions, and helps get rid of fears.

It is believed that topaz encourages its owner. The mineral endows women with beauty and appeal and makes men wise.

The talisman can set its owner free from the tumultuous passions, draw him on to do good and awaken prudence.

The stone may be a talisman for travelers, criminologists, crime investigators, spies, scientists and businessmen.

It is advisable to wear topaz in a gold ring on the right index finger or as a pendant around the neck.

The gemstone is contraindicated for Taurus, Sagittarius, and all those who prefer peace and quiet.

The signs of the zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo, Virgo.




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