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The Meaning Behind the Gemstone Color

the properties of a gemstone largely depend on its colorIt is known that the properties of a gemstone largely depend on its color. Experts in lithotherapy believe that the stones of similar color have a lot of common features.

Choosing ‘your? stone you should consider its color and properties associated with it. So the stone will have the most beneficial effect on your physical and mental health.

The red color will thrill you, cheer you up and enhance your efficiency. It is believed that red stones evoke the feeling of ‘warmth’. They are helpful in the treatment of diseases caused by cold and humidity.

Red stones, like garnet, ruby, red tourmaline, and cornelian, can cure virus diseases. They improve blood circulation, heal hypotension and strengthen the heart. These minerals also sharpen the eyesight, improve skin condition and fuel sexuality. However, too much of the red color can facilitate the development of inflammatory processes.

Orange, yellow, and golden are perceived as the colors of joy. They are beneficial in case of nervous exhaustion, as they smooth out the mood, tone and stimulate the nervous system, and level up intelligence.

Gemstones and minerals of yellow and orange colors include citrine, topaz, amber, jacinth, and beryl. They boost the physical strength, treat insomnia and skin diseases. The stones of such kind also tempt the appetite and stimulate the gastric juice secretion. Yet the overdosage of these colors can result in the promoted bile flow.

Blue gems will keep you from being reckless and put your energy into the right direction.Sky blue and dark blue are the colors of purity and lightness. They will help you find peace, revitalize you, calm you down and make you focused. Some of light blue and dark blue stones are aquamarine, turquoise, blue tourmaline, lapis lazuli, and sapphire. They will keep you from being reckless and put your energy into the right direction.

These stones aid in curing endocrine disorders, throat and lung diseases, epilepsy and intestinal upset. You should be careful though, as the abundance of the blue color can have a depressing effect on your mentality.

Green is regarded as a cool and fresh color. It also helps find peace, as well as enhances concentration and the clarity of thought. The green color creates a feeling of harmony, balance and safety.

Emerald, nephrite, malachite, chrysoprase, and jade are among green stones and minerals. They build up the immune system, even out the blood pressure, kill headaches, treat cardiac arrhythmia, and improve the eyesight. Contemplation of a green stone is uplifting. You should mind that too much of this color can lead to the formation of gallstones.

The white color is perceived as the color of innocence, welfare and purification. It multiplies one’s strength and stamina, releases tension, and creates upbeat holiday mood. It is believed that the white stones, which are pearl, moonstone, and varieties of chalcedony and opal, are able to detoxify the body and treat mental illnesses.

Black is the color of the night, mystery and surprise. It is often associated with death and evil. Actually, black stones, like black tourmaline, morion, obsidian and hematite, are mostly neutral. They keep one focused, school one’s temper and help their owner to overcome the fear.




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