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Tektite can help you relax and soothe your body.The name of this mineral comes from the Greek word ‘tektos’, which literally means ‘melted’. There are also other names of tektite and its varieties, like Darwin glass, bottle stone, blackfellow’s button, moldavite, desert glass, impact glass.

Tektites are solidificated glass bodies formed as a result of the strong meteor impact on the Earth’s solid surface. They may be called meteorites by mistake. Actually, tektite is the molten rock of completely terrestrial origin, as the meteor impact release a large amount of energy converted to heat.

Tektites may have various shapes. They may look like dumbbells, boats, debris, buttons, discs and plates, cores, arrows, beans and so forth; there are even pear-shaped pieces and thin-walled hollow spheres. Some specimens have a complex structure; they look as if snails have pitted their surface.

The stone occur in the United States, Australia, Tasmania, Indo-China, West Africa, and in the Czech Republic, as well as on the Philippines and the island of Java.

Healing Properties of Tektite

In traditional medicine, the healing properties of tektite are used to reduce the effect of stressful situations and defuse tension. The mineral can help you relax and soothe your body. This stone is also used for the treatment and prevention of colds.

The stone enhances metabolism, which would be helpful for those who want to get a beach-ready body. Tektite normalizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of kidney and liver diseases.

Magical Properties of Tektite

Tektites are solidificated glass bodies.The magical properties of tektite have attracted people’s attention since antiquity. Tektites were found in the Danube area, where one of the paleolithic sites was located. Our ancestors used this mineral in their aimless farming. People of the day might have realized how unusual this rare stone was and thus attributed it with special properties. They used tektite to make tools for mystical ceremonies, which typically included summoning rain, healing, funeral rites and so on.

Nowadays it is believed that tektite can be used for time-traveling. The mineral is considered an alien that contains the power of the Universe. It is believed that tektite can change your karma and prevent you from making mistakes. It also improves your understanding of people and the nature. Besides, tektite is used as a remedy for the evil eye and hoodoo.

Tektite favors people born under the signs of Aries and Cancer. The stone brings Cancers luck in scientific and creative activities. It helps Aries correct the mistakes of their past.

Scientists, mediums, fortunetellers, and magicians should wear tektite as a talisman. Even untreated stones help one acquire a new comprehension of the world. They also bring a creative impulse into one’s activities.

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