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stilbite helps one become lucky in loveThe name ‘stilbite? derives from the Greek words ‘stilbe? meaning ‘shine? or ‘stilbem? meaning ‘to shine’. Other names of the mineral include epidesmine and desmine. The mineral is a natural filter for water purification. Stilbite is a low-temperature hydrothermal tectosilicate. It can be colored in white, grayish, brown, or greenish-yellow. The luster is pearly, vitreous. The mineral has a hardness of 3.5-4.0 and a density of 2.2 g/cm3. Stilbite is most often formed in basalt gas cavities. It is also found in various metamorphic rocks.

Healing Properties

Some lithotherapists believe that the water filtered through stilbite cleanses the body from toxins. Folk healers assume that the white mineral is beneficial for the central nervous system. It improves the mood and relieves from the negative effect of stress. The stone tinted with yellow has a positive effect on the digestive system, improves the appetite and normalizes the small intestine functioning.

Stilbite influences the crown, throat and heart chakras.

Magical Properties

The white stilbite is best for making amuletsMagical properties of stilbite are manifold. The pink stone makes its owner more attractive to the opposite sex. It helps one become lucky in love and brings the family hapiness. The yellow stone helps its owners find their place in life. It attracts luck and makes them successful at work. The white stilbite is best for making amulets. It protects its owners from black magic, evil eye, and other people’s envy.

It is not clear people of which zodiac signs should wear stilbite.

As a talisman, stilbite helps assert oneself in their career. It evokes a desire to change something in the world.




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