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stibnite36228jStibnite Jewelry and its Pricing:

Stibnite is used as ore in the production of antimony, which is an essential compound of terne used in bearings, printing types and accumulator cells.

In the East stibnite was used to make phials back in 3000 BC. In Ancient Egypt powdered stibnite was used by pharaohs, priests and slave guards as a cosmetic substance for the eyes and eyebrows lining. For smooth application antimony was mixed with oil, thoroughly stirred with a wooden stick. Stibnite powder is still used for these purposes in some European countries and throughout the East.

800_600_FFFFFF_173919419052470b191b6d2Stibnite Magical Properties

Stibnite crystals possess extremely strong energy. The mineral is popularly believed to be a gem of spiritual and inner development. One of its magical properties is the ability to endow its owner with a persistent character and the striving to reach goals. Stibnite has the power and ability to make its owner influential and wealthy.

The mineral is capable of intensifying its owner’s feelings and intuition. For that purpose, one should keep stibnite with sodalities. In this case the gems start interacting and influencing each other in a positive way, thus creating the necessary polarity. If the gemstones are placed together, their power amplifies and they can help one make the right decision even at the most uncertain moment of your life.

However, sensitive, dreamy and tender people should neither wear nor have stibnite, as the gem can affect them in the negative way. The mineral easily turns na’ve light-hearted people into greedy and mean ones.

Stibnite Healing Properties

Stibnite healing properties were thoroughly examined back in the days of Ancient Egypt. It was discovered that the mineral has a beneficial influence on eyesight by strengthening it. Stibnite can stop lacrimation, improve eyelashes growth and stop both nasal and uterine bleeding. It can also help you if you have suffered burns.

Stibnite Astrology

Stibnite patronizes and fits almost all Zodiac signs. However, it is absolutely contraindicated to such signs as Libra, Cancer and Pisces.




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