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Spinel – a Symbol of Happiness in Love

SpinelSpinel is the mineral of varied colors. It forms isometric crystals and irregular grains.



Other names of spinel:

Akerite, magnesium-aluminate


The color distinguishes the following varieties of jewelry spinel:

SpinelRuby Spinel – blood-red;

Balas ruby – pink-red;

Almandine spinel – violet-red;

Rubicelle – orange-red, yellow;

Sapphire spinel, gahnospinel ? blue, dark blue;

Chlorospinel – bright green;

Pleonaste, ceylonite – dark green.

Spinel Healing Properties:

Pieces of jewelry with spinel protect against many diseases. The most valued are red spinels and balas rubies. They affect the physical and emotional bodies? energy positively, strengthen the immune system, intensify blood circulation, promote tissue regeneration, and treat viral infections, skin and gastric diseases, stimulate and increase sexual potency, remove lower back pain.

Sapphire spinelSpinel Magical Properties:

Spinel helps in any effort, so active people should wear it primarily. It is believed that this stone loses its magical properties in the hands of indecisive people.

In the East, red spinels are seen as a powerful stimulator of sexual energy, love and passion.

One should not wear this stone permanently, as it liberates, lifts off the control of consciousness, whisks off into the world of dreams, illusions, and passivity.

Impact on the chakras:

Affects Manipur and Svadhisthana


Projective Yang (releases energy and activates)

Signs of the zodiac:



Earth, Fire



Pieces of Jewelry:

Spinel is often used in jewelry. Rings, bracelets, pendants are often decorated with inserts of spinel.

Source: lithotherapy.ru



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