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Smoky Quartz Properties

Smoky QuartzHealing Properties of Smoky Quartz

Healing properties of smoky quartz have been known for a long time. It is believed that this mineral can cure depression, suicidal tendencies, and obsessions.

The healing properties of the mineral will be efficient if you always carry the crystal with you and squeeze it tight in your hand asking it mentally for help during the exacerbation of your disease.

Smoky quartz is helpful in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction; the stone makes it easier for its owner to quit smoking. It also helps cleanse the human mind and get rid of any complexes.

smoky quartzMagical Properties of Smoky Quartz

In antiquity it was believed that smoky quartz is one of the most powerful dark stones. According to popular beliefs, the magical properties of smoky quartz can summon and retain the most menacing evil forces, which is why the stone was often used in the black magic rituals. Black magicians raise ghosts of the dead with the help of this stone. Sorcerers use smoky quartz to induce hoodoo and bend people’s consciousness to their will.

Clairvoyants meditated with the stone and foresaw the upcoming events. Using smoky quartz, alchemists tried to comprehend the Universe’s mysteries and decode its signs.

If one uses the energy of smoky quartz for good, the stone will activate their basic instincts, make them more courageous, enduring and viable, as well as enhance their sexual activity and make them tireless.

Astrologers believe that people born under the signs of Scorpio and Libra can wear amulets and talismans made of smoky quartz. Other signs of the zodiac are not recommended to wear this stone. However, you can use its properties for boosting your imaginative thinking and some therapeutic purposes. Cancers are strictly forbidden to wear this mineral.




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