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it is suitable for sportsmen, extreme sports lovers and travelersSiderite takes its name from the Greek word sideros which means ‘iron’. Another name of the mineral is iron spar. Siderite can be colored in yellow, yellowish-gray, brownish-gray, brownish-yellow, or black. The crystals are opaque and occasionally translucent. The mineral has vitreous or pearly luster. Its hardness is 4.0-4.5, while the density is 3.7-3.9 g/cm3. The main deposits of the stone are located in Germany, Austria, and the Southern Pyrenees (Spain).

Healing Properties

Siderite is not often used in folk medicine, because its healing properties are not studied properly. Some folk healers attribute the yellow minerals with the ability to enhance the liver functioning, increase the appetite, and cure atonic constipation. The black minerals might ease the course of colds caused by overcooling. It is not known how siderite affects chakras.

Magical Properties

yellow siderite can enhance the liver functioning and increase the appetiteIn magic practices, it is believed that siderite can develop talents in people. The mineral makes men more attractive to women. It enables women to find their way in life and acquire qualities of a leader. Modern practicing magicians and mediums use siderite for meditations. Some of the sorcerers claim that this mineral is able to develop supernatural abilities, such as clairvoyance. Experts in magical properties of minerals can not say precisely which sign of the zodiac siderite favors.

Siderite is a talisman of risk-seekers. As a talisman, it is suitable for sportsmen, extreme sports lovers and travelers. This amulet fuels its owners with additional cosmic energy, gives them confidence, and reduces the risk of injury.




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