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Healing Properties of Serpentinite

Since ancient times it was believed that serpentinite is able to enhance the effect of curative potions. You need to pour the medicine into the mortar made of the stone to boost its healing properties.

SerpentiniteMoreover, the healing properties of serpentinite worn in the earrings can relieve you from migraine and headaches. If you make bracelets or a ring of this mineral, it will be helpful in case of fractures; the stone speeds up the merging of bones.

Serpentinite also aids in cold-related diseases as it generally strengthens the immune system.

Magical properties of Serpentinite

In high antiquity people believed that only magicians, medicasters, voodoos and shamans could use the magical properties of serpentinite. It could provide a common person with challenges and dangers which he wouldn’t be able to overcome because he’s not powerful enough. Serpentinite is quite cunning; therefore, plain folk sometimes called it the Tempter. It could lure one and let them wallow in vice and entertainment.

At the same time, if one could stand the troubles that serpentinite had brought upon them, they gained power over the stone. Having obeyed, the mineral began helping its courageous owner prompting them to get out of difficult situations. Ancient people also believed that serpentinite is able to boost physical capabilities of its owner.

The owner of the stone could run and swim faster, lift more weight, and work longer without getting tired. The mineral enhanced the intellectual skills, too. The stone enabled one to study more efficiently and explore something new; it developed the intuition.

Wearing the stone benefits Virgos best. It will grant these inquisitive people the ability/talent to communicate and understand the natural world. The stone will help Capricorns in their athletic feats. On no account Cancers and Pisces should wear serpentine, as it can lead them to vicious lifestyle, entice them with cheap entertainment and make them forget about things which are truly important in their lives. Other people can wear serpentinite, but they should not do that more than two or three times a week; otherwise it can make harm.

Athletes, businessmen and lawyers are advised to wear serpentinite as a talisman. It will help them develop their professional skills and facilitate their promotion.




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