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physicians recommend wearing seraphinite to people who underwent surgeryHealing Properties of Seraphinite

Seraphinite has very powerful healing properties. The stone can stimulate regenerative processes in the body. Notably, the mineral affects the cellular level. Due to this feature, seraphinite is helpful in healing wounds, injuries and burns. In addition, physicians recommend wearing jewelry with the stone to people who underwent surgery (especially cardiac surgery). By setting aside a few minutes each day to look at the intricate patterns of seraphinite, you can strengthen the shattered nervous system and recover from stress.

Women who take care of their appearance should definitely pay attention to seraphinite. This is due to the fact that the mineral is endowed with anti-aging properties. By the way, the effect can be observable within a short period of time.

Magical Properties of Seraphinite

Practicing magicians use seraphinite as a tool which is beneficial for meditation. Furthermore, amulets made of this stone attract good luck and happiness to their owners. Silvery inclusions present in the coloring of the mineral can protect the owner of the amulet from evil spirits, diseases, and negative impact of the environment.

Sefaphinite attracts good luck and happiness to its ownersIt is widely believed that being constantly worn in a pendant, seraphinite evokes other people’s fondness of the owner of the jewelry piece. At the same time, animal figurines made of seraphinite will protect the family hearth. They will prolong lives of all the family members, and shield them from the adverse effect of their haters? thoughts as well.

As for astrology, seraphinite is a universal stone. It is suitable for any sign of the zodiac. Therefore, if one needs to use the properties of the stone, one can safely buy it. However, seraphinite has a particular impact on Virgos and Capricorns. It brings mutual love and tenderness into their lives.




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