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September Birthstone: The Amazing Sapphire

The birthstone for September is the blue sapphire, which is also the gemstone for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

The sapphire comes in several different colors including red, pink, yellow, white and blue. The reason you might not have heard of red sapphires is that they have their own name: ruby.

The deep blue color is what comes to mind for most people when they think of a sapphire. Since it is the color that is most commonly seen in sapphire jewelry.

The Varied Colors of the Sapphire StoneSeptember birthstone blue sapphire

Today, sapphire engagement rings have become very popular and can even be seen on Princess Kate’s finger – the well-known sapphire and diamond ring passed down from Princess Diana.

A cerulean blue sapphire engagement ring conveys the promise of commitment and the hope of a long and happy relationship.

The dazzling yellow sapphire is less expensive than a diamond or a blue sapphire and many people will mistake it for a yellow diamond. Set in gold, the yellow sapphire is truly spectacular and with their high hardness rating, they can easily last a lifetime.

A pink sapphire can be anywhere from a clear bubblegum color, to a deep sparkling strawberry. If it were any darker, it would become a ruby. The pink sapphire is rare, but it has a distinctly feminine appeal for those who want a more sweet and romantic look to symbolize their marriage.

White sapphires rival the brilliance and allure of the diamond. To the naked eye they look almost identical, but are less expensive and are almost as durable. The production of sapphires sometimes includes additional heating (up to 2000 degrees F) after mining and before cutting to ensure the best color and clarity possible.

Mystical Meaning of the Sapphire

The lore of the sapphire gem is an interesting one. It was once believed that the earth sat upon a giant blue sapphire, its dazzling reflection creating the color of the sky. A gift of sapphire jewelry signified a pledge of fidelity, loyalty and trust, thus making a sapphire ring the perfect alternative engagement ring to the traditional diamond.

September Birthstone Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to the blue sapphire you can take a look at the traditional birthstones. For September this is the chrysolite, which is better known under the name peridot.

The peridot is an affordable gemstone with an amazing array of green hues. Unfortunately it is not as durable as the sapphire, but they can still be worn in a ring as long as you are careful.



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