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Selenite – a Spiritual Stone

Selenite Selenite is a translucent parallel-fibrous variety of gypsum, which has beautiful silky shine in the light-yellow-pink hues. It forms needle-like crystals.



Other Names

Satin spar
Silky gypsum

Selenite Healing Properties

Selenite is used in the treatment of liver, spleen, endocrine system, stomach and intestines, and as a powder for wounds. It strengthens bones, prevents tooth decay, has a positive effect on mental activity.
In ancient Egypt, gypsum powder mixed with honey and baking soda was used in rubbing the body to maintain skin elasticity.
SeleniteIn Tibetan medicine gypsum was used for removal of stones from the gallbladder, as well as for “bone fever.”
Selenite is believed to cure headaches, high blood pressure and nearsightedness. It treats apathy, reduces the heat, is used against inflammation and infection.
For therapeutic purposes, it is used in contact healing as a necklace of selenite. One of the methods is to put a ball of selenite on top of the head at psychoneurotic states.
Selenite does stress relief, eliminates anxiety, improves overall emotional state.
Albertus Magnus states that this stone relieves fainting and cures weakness of the lungs.

SeleniteSelenite Magical Properties

In India it is believed that selenite calms the mind, it is especially good at emotional exhaustion. It increases the ability to concentrate, strengthens the will and memory.
Selenite boosts emotionality, love for home, daydreaming, gentleness, tenderness, recalls pleasant memories.
This stone enhances prudence in words and caution in actions. It gives vision, skillfully helps to avoid life bottlenecks and escape troubles.
In yogic practice selenite used in the sessions of telepathy.
It is believed that selenite contains Moon energy, so it is advised to wear to people born during a full moon.

Selenite lampImpact on Chakras

Activates Sahasrara


Receptive Yin (absorbs energy).

Feng Shui

Selenite is favorable wherever it is necessary to intensify the impact of the Earth element.
It is well suited for the correction and support of the marriage zone (South-West) that is to improve all kinds of partnerships and attract love. Selenite credited with the ability to help in overcoming the obstacles to happiness between lovers.
Selenite centrally located in an apartment would very gently remove the negative energy, it would mitigate communication.

Signs of the Zodiac

Earth, Water


Works of Selenite

Selenite is a soft gemstone. it is used to make amulets, jewelry, dishes, a variety of figurines, balls, souvenirs. Phials of selenite are used to store medicines, ointments, incenses ? thus they retain scents and healing properties longer.




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