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Scapolite is often called a student stoneHealing Properties of Scapolite

Scapolite can soothe a headache and lower blood pressure. The gemstone speeds up the postsurgical recovery, and improves the overall state of the circulatory system as well.

The gems colored in purple promote faster wound healing, and help fight inflammation processes. If one has any eyesight problems, they should buy blue scapolite. This stone is attributed with the ability to treat eye diseases.

Magical Properties of Scapolite

Esotery experts claim that the magical properties of scapolite depend on its color. The blue stone helps focus on a particular goal. Therefore, it will be a good assistant for people wanting to lose weight, successfully graduate, or save a certain amount of money. Scapolite of yellow or white colors has a beneficial effect on the health of its owner. It will help one fight post-natal depression. The stone can also improve the gallbladder functioning, and alleviate a muscle-ache.

such talisman can bring back the joy of lifeIn addition, scapolite of any color can be used for meditation. This gem will be a great talisman. It will protect its owner from negative information influence. It brings one fortune and health and endows its owner with determination and intuition.

Scapolite is often called a student stone, because it protects people who have to read and memorize a lot of information.

Scapolite favors those who are born under the sign of Taurus. Both a faceted gem inserted into a jewelry piece and a rustic stone are good to be used as talismans. The gemstone will help its owner make the right decision, and cope with anger and irritation. In addition, such talisman can bring back the joy of life.

People of other signs of the zodiac can also own scapolite, but its properties will not be marked so strongly.




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