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RutileHealing Properties of Rutile

Healing properties of rutile has not been fully studied yet. Some experts believe that this mineral is able to relieve from throat, bronchi and upper air passages related diseases caused by hypothermia.

As some healers assume, minerals colored in golden have a beneficial effect on the liver, enhance its functioning and prevent from cirrhosis. Some lithotherapists believe that rutile can improve digestion, speed up metabolism and whet the appetite.

Rutile in quarzMagical Properties of Rutile

Magical properties of rutile are not often used in practical magic. The black specimens are sometimes used in fortunetelling. Some modern magicians say that black rutile helps do astral travelling and time-travelling; it also protects during such journeys. There is a common belief that witches use black rutile to conduct their rituals.

The stones of yellow shades are best for making amulets which can attract good luck and success in gambling and betting. Those aspiring to find love and create a happy family should wear the red-colored stone in a bracelet on their left hand. Men wearing the amulet become sexually attractive to women.

Astrologers still have not found out which sign of the zodiac rutile favors. A small, even raw piece of rutile is enough to be a talisman. Only black magicians can wear the black mineral, while it can be harmful for others if contacted protractedly.

Those who are engaged in research and scientific work and those who want to explore the unknown and plumb the depths of the Universe’s mystery should wear the stones of other colors. It will help fortunetellers and sorcerers in the conduction of their magic rituals.




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