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Rubellite christalsRubellite – is one of the varieties of tourmaline boron magnesium aluminum silicate. The name of this mineral comes from the Latin word ‘rubellus’, which means “red”. Rubellite is pink, cherry-red, which attributed to the fact it contains manganese impurities.

The stone can be as transparent and translucent. Transparent specimens of rubellite are considered to be the second grade gemstones. The shine of this mineral is often glassy.

Rubellite crystallization occurs in the trigonal system. Crystals have a columnar or lathlike shape, they can often be found in the form of radial fibrous crystal-jams. As a rule they are formed in pegmatites.

Rubellite deposits are widespread in the mines of Eastern Transbaikalia and Middle Urals, in rare-metal pegmatites of Kazakhstan (Kalba), as well as in California, the islands of Ceylon and Madagascar. The largest stones are mined in Brazil, where a four-tons crystal-jam was discovered.

RubelliteRubellite Healing Properties

Since rubellite is a variety of tourmaline, the healing properties of rubellite are in many respects similar to those of the latter. Lithotherapists believe that the mineral of crimson hue is able to activate the activity of the endocrine glands.

Rubellite healing propertiesimprove skin tone, enhance memory, and also have a preventive effect on the digestive system. According to many healers pink stones, because of their color, are able to normalize sleep, soothe tension and get rid of bad dreams.

RubelliteRubellite Magical Properties

Magical properties of rubellite are widely used by modern practicing magicians. This mineral, like most other pink stones embodies the love, sincerity and talent. Jewelry with rubellite concentrate and amplify the magical power of the stone. A gold pendant with this mineral would be an amazing amulet that can help its owner to gain confidence, reveal talents previously unnoticed and develop existing ones.

A ring with rubellite should be worn on the index or middle finger of the left hand, in which case it will help be a success with the opposite sex and bring happiness to cooling family relationships. Many mystics claim that rubellite like tourmaline, has Yang energy. That is why the stones has a beneficial effect on a man’s mind and body, assists its owner in combating the fears.

Rubellite is especially recommended to people who are born under the sign of Libra. This mineral helps Libra-women find marital bliss, make their home comfortable for friends, form an atmosphere of joy and goodness. A ring with rubellite will show Libra-men a way out of difficult situations; give courage to get rid of fear and insecurity.

As amulets or talismans different works of rubellite should be set in silver or gold to work their best. This mineral is still considered a talisman of artists. It helps creative people to increase the power of their talent, brings them recognition and success.




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