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Rose Quartz Properties

Rose quartz will be beneficial for those who cannot feel the joy of life, the essence of love and therefore not able to reach the inner depths of the heart. Rose Quartz is the healer of the inner wounds. It teaches to forgive and tunes to Rose quartzlove. The healing process initiated with the rose quartz can last for months and even years. Once it starts, you have to be prepared for the “surfacing” of the many forgotten events of the past that create emotional stress. If you want to cry – cry – this is how depressed feeling is released. At this time people can be very vulnerable. Therefore the wears of rose quartz are recommended to be with the people who can help in a crisis. Need to accumulate good intentions, love of yourself, look at yourself in the mirror and convince yourself of the beauty. Need to understand that the man himself is the means for their own personal happiness. Only the love of thyself is the real foundation of safety. All changes in life are due to changes within the person. Rose quartz opens the heart, and Rose quartzthen the truth becomes known through love. Rose quartz helps relieve stress, downplays the outbreaks of irritability, increases creativity and self-confidence in its owner.

As a talisman, it gives reciprocation in love, retains family happiness, increases male potency, safeguards during pregnancy, induces the interest of the opposite sex in its owner, keeps health and brings longevity. Rose quartz worn by a single woman helps her marry well. Being used as a pendulum, it will show the negative and positive areas of the apartment, garden plot, generally any place where its owner is staying.

Rose quartz is the astral ally for those born in the 1st day of the moon, as well as for the Taurus and Libra. The best days to wear it are Sunday and Friday.




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