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The blue stone will improve your eyesightRosasite was named after the deposit Rosa (Sardinia), where it was first found and described. The colouring of the mineral varies from green to turquoise and bright blue. The crystals are transparent. The gem has vitreous luster. Its hardness is 4.5 and the density is 4.0-4.2 g/cm3. The main deposits of rosasite are in Central Kazakhstan, the USA, and South-West Africa.

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, rosasite is rarely used because its healing properties are poorly studied. Some healers believe that the green mineral stabilizes blood pressure and relieves headaches. It also makes weather-sensitive people feel better during magnetic storms. The blue stone will improve your eyesight if you look into it for several minutes on a daily basis. There is a belief that the blue mineral help in diseases of larynx and vocal cords.

It is not know how rosasite affects chakras.

the green mineral stabilizes blood pressureMagical Properties

In Oriental countries, it is believed that rosasite can evoke one’s best qualities. An amulet made of this mineral creates an atmosphere of understanding and benevolence around its owner. As a talisman, rosasite protects one from their enemies? envy, evil spirits and black magic. People aspiring to build a strong and loving family need to wear works of rosasite.
Experts in magical properties of minerals can not say precisely which sign of the zodiac rosasite favors.

Rosasite is a talisman of teachers, mentors, and people engaged in charity. The amulet helps its owner attract attention, develop speaking skills and become popular.




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