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Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is a Symbol of LoyaltyRock crystal is a transparent colorless variety of quartz. It occurs as prisms with rhombohedral pointed heads.



Other names

Colorless quartz, rhinestone, quartz crystal, Alaska diamond, berg crystal, unripe diamond, mountain crystal


Venus’s-hairstone is a rock crystal with the impurities of rutile, gothite, tourmaline or actinolite.

Healing Properties

Rock crystal is a wonderful remedy for heart, stomach and eyes diseases. It contributes to the proper functioning of the brain and spinal cord. The mineral is also helpful in the treatment of ischemia, varicosity, and respiratory diseases.

Rock crystal normalizes one’s spiritual and physical strength. It relieves from headache, subdues fever and helps one cope with stress.

Wearing the stone on the wrist regulates blood flow and prevents thrombus formation. Worn as a necklace, rock crystal enhances nursing mothers’ lactation. Located on the right side of the abdomen the mineral improves the functioning of the gall bladder, adjusting it according to the health needs.

In the Indian and Tibetan medicine, rock crystal is a mineral of ultimate importance. In today’s Tibet healers treat wounds placing rock crystal balls against them in such a way that sun rays go through the stone before reaching the wounds. In China, crystal balls are applied in massage, while small sharp pieces are used in stimulating biologically active points of the body. Modern scientists discovered the secret of this miraculous healing effect; ultraviolet passing through the piece of rock crystal eliminates bacteria, which promotes one’s early recovery.

Each and everyone can wear items made of rock crystal.

Magical Properties

rock crystal is significant in fortunetellingAs a talisman, rock crystal reinforces loyalty. It attracts love, joy of life, other people’s sympathy, good luck, peace of mind and welfare to its owner.
Rock crystal releases from nightmares, insomnia and unreasonable fears.

According to ancient beliefs, rock crystal cleanses one’s body and mind; it stimulates toxins removal out of the body. An amulet made of rock crystal spares one from the danger of freezing during the severe frost or getting a heatstroke when the weather is hot.

Rock crystal keeps one focused and enhances the thinking process. It contributes to the expansion of consciousness, memory strengthening and speech improvement, so it is quite beneficial for students.

It is believed that the energy of rock crystal is easily adjusted to the frequency of human vibrations, moreover, it regulates and stabilizes them. Tibetan lamas use balls made of this mineral to activate the “third eye”. They call pieces of rock crystal “animate”, as their six planes symbolize six human chakras converging to the top, which is the seventh chakra looking up into space.

Rock crystal is a stone of clairvoyants. It is especially significant in fortunetelling. Skilful crystal-gazers browse pictures of the past and the future in pieces of the stone and particularly in balls carved perfectly of rock crystal. They place the mineral in a dark room so that a ray of light falls on it, and stare into the ball without blinking for a long time, focusing on a desire to see a certain thing in it. Sometimes a crystal ball is used along a bead on a silk thread, and a fortuneteller watches it swaying to focus.

The connection between rock crystal and clairvoyance is explained with the fact that the mineral is the purest variety of quartz. The latter makes up a considerable part of the Earth’s surface which senses the cosmos and the astral world.

Impact on the Chakras

Rock crystal affects the Sahasrara.
It is also used for cleaning and activating the lower chakras.


Projective Yang (releases energy, activates).

Feng Shui

Rock crystal keeps one focused.In the art of Feng Shui rock crystal is treated as a unique mineral.

It is a good practice to place a rock crystal druse in any area of the house. It is able to collect the negative energy which accumulates in the apartment; in other words, it takes the tension off the people there. In the marriage area (in the southwest) a rock crystal druse contributes to intuitive communication. It also should be put in the knowledge area (in the northeast) and in the career area (in the north).

If you want to create a romantic setting, you should place a sphere made of rock crystal in the south-western part of your apartment.

Signs of the Zodiac

Aries, Leo, Virgo, Pisces


Earth, Fire, Water


Sun, Mercury, Jupiter

Works of Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is used to manufacture various jewelry pieces (beads, necklaces, inserts, etc.); the mineral is widely put to use as an ornamental stone as well.




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