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rhodolite is often used for making amulets and talismansThe name ‘rhodolite? comes from a Greek word that means ‘a pink stone’. Another name of the mineral is cape ruby. Rhodolite is a variety of pyrope. It is colored in pink. The luster is silky or vitreous. Rhodolite has a hardness of 7.0-7.5 and density of 6.8-8.0 g/cm3. The main deposits of the gem are located in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Healing Properties

Some folk healers think that rhodolite can be beneficial for the digestive system. There is a belief that the mineral is a good preventive measure from diseases of the respiratory system. Lithotherapists assume that works of rhodolites can reinforce the immune system. The pink color has a beneficial effect on the nervous system relieving from the consequences of stressful situations.

Rhodolite can influence the heart chakra.

Magical Properties

rhodolite can be beneficial for the digestive systemIn modern practical magic, rhodolite is often used for making amulets and talismans. An amulet in a form of a pendant can relieve its owner from depression. It gives hope for a better life, universal life force energy to energize. Women are advised to wear a bracelet with rhodolites on his right hand. It will give its owner confidence and enhance their attractiveness. The stone can make men more attractive to the opposite sex as well.

Rhodolite is most suitable for people born under the signs of Sagittarius and Leo. It excites passion in Sagittarius, gives them confidence and strength. The gem will teach Leos to understand the world around them and reconcile them to it. It will give them inner harmony.

As a talisman rhodolite favors people holding senior positions and wielding power, as well as politicians. A talisman made of this stone will help one avoid fatal mistakes. It will fill its owner with additional energy and protect them from outbursts of uncontrollable anger.

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