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The mineral also warns about possible danger.

Ilmenite was named after the Ilmen Mountains, Russia, where it was first found. Another name for the mineral is titanium iron ore. Ilmenite is a titanium-iron oxide. The mineral’s coloring is black with a steel gray or brownish hue. The lustre is metallic or semimetallic. The hardness of the mineral makes up 5.0-6.0, and the […]

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psilomelane is used as a meditation tool

The name of psilomelane comes from the Greek words which mean ‘smooth’, ‘naked’ and ‘black’. Another name of the mineral is romaneshite. Psilomelane is a manganese oxide. The mineral can be colored in black or dark brown. Its lustre is vitreous. The hardness is 5.0-6.0, and the density is 4.8 g/cm3. The mineral’s major deposits […]

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almandine is still considered a symbol of fidelity

The name of almandine is derived from the name of the region Alabanda in the Asia Minor. Other names of the stone and its varieties include Adelaide ruby, Alabandine ruby, carbuncle, Ceylon garnet, Oriental garnet, and anthrax. Almandine is a ferrous aluminum garnet. The mineral’s colouring is manifold, from violet-red, cherry red, and auburn to […]

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Pollucite was originally called pollux

Pollucite was originally called pollux. This mineral is of no interest for jewelers, as it doesn’t have any play of light. Pollucite is a cesium aluminosilicate. The specimens can be colorless or grayish. The minerals? lustre is vitreous, while its hardness is 6.5 and the density is 2.8-2.9 g/cm3. The major deposits are located in […]

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chalcocite has the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties

The name of chalcocite derives from the Greek word meaning ‘copper’. Other names of the mineral include chalcosine and copper glance. Chalcocite is a copper sulphide. The crystals are opaque, and their lustre is metallic. The hardness of the mineral makes up 2.0-3.0, and its density is 5.5-5.8 g/cm3. The main deposits are located in […]

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Autunite is an amulet of people whose professional activity is associated with a constant risk

Autunite was named after the French town of Autun. The mineral can be colored in lime green, lemon yellow, gray, or yellow. The crystals are translucent. The stone’s lustre is vitreous. Its hardness is 2.0-2.5, and the density is 3.05-3.19 g/cm3. The main deposits are located in Germany, France, England, and Madagascar. Healing Properties There […]

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the sapphire-blue stone helps in the kidneys and bladder diseases

Fibrolite got such a name due to the fibrous nature of the specimens by which it was discovered. Another name for fibrolite is sillimante (named after Benjamin Silliman). The mineral coloring varies from brown and green to gray and even sapphire-blue. The crystals with the effect of cat’s eye occur as well. The stone has […]

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cobaltite should be used by those whose profession is crucial for people?s health and lives

Cobaltite is a sulfide mineral composed of cobalt, arsenic and sulfur. It occasionally contains up to 10% of iron. Another name for the mineral is cobalt glance. The lustre is metallic. The mineral has the hardness of 5.5 and the density of 6.2 g/cm3. Major deposits are located in Sweden, Canada, and Azerbaijan. Healing Properties […]

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parisite has a beneficial effect on the entire body

The mineral was named after J.J. Paris, the owner of the Muzo mine, where it was first found in 1835. Parisite is an ore. The colouring of the mineral may be brownish-yellow, brown, waxy yellow, or grayish-yellow. The crystals are transparent. It has vitreous, pitch, pearly lustre. The hardness equals 4.5, and the density is […]

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shungite is a good remedy for colds

Shungite was named after the village of Shunga in Karelia (Russia). The black mineral is a form in between amorphous carbon and graphite. It has dull, pitch lustre. The hardness makes up 3.5-4.0, and the density is 1.9 g/cm3. Shungite is only produced in Russia so far. Healing Properties In folk medicine, it is believed […]

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