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Pyrope, the Arizona Ruby

Arizona rubyPyrope derives its name from the Greek word ‘pyropos’, literally meaning “like fire.” Pyrope is a mineral belonging to the group of garnets and being a pure magnesium-alumium garnet.

This mineral is also known under the names of: Colorado ruby, Cape ruby, California ruby, Arizona ruby and Bohemian garnet. Pink and light-red pyrope is called rhodolite.

Pyrope is notable for its beautiful rich dark red color, which can have a variety of shades. The mineral has greasy or glass shine and can be both transparent and translucent.

Transparent varieties of scarlet pyrope are considered to be gems and are widely used in jewelry. Pyrope deposits are located in the Czech Republic (Central Mountain), Australia, Russia (Yakutia), Tanzania, Lesotho, the United States, Argentina, Brazil and Norway.

Healing Properties of Pyrope

Pyrope is widely used in traditional Indian medicine. It is believed that this stone has beneficial effect on the vascular system in general and blood pressure in particular. The mineral promotes faster blood clotting and stimulates circulation.

Many lithotherapists believe that pregnant women should wear jewelry with pyrope, or the raw mineral itself near the belly during the last month of pregnancy to ease the childbirth. However, they should not wear it all the time, just a few hours a day. Ancient healers claimed that water infused with pyrope and gold rings with this stone can set people free from various fears.

The mineral can help cure different kinds of inflammatory processes accompanied with fever.

PyropeMagical Properties of Pyrope

Pyrope is a stone that can bring good luck in love. In many countries of the East sorcerers recommend wearing this mineral to people who desperately need extra vitality. If a woman wants to create a happy family, she should wear a gold ring with pyrope on her left hand. Men who wish to attract more female attention are recommended to wear a ring with the stone on their right hand.

The magical properties of pyrope will protect its owner from the negative energy of metropolia and the dark magic. It is important to remember that pyrope is an energetically strong mineral, so continuous wearing it on the body can have negative impact on the owner. The stone protects people born under the signs of Leo and Sagittarius. It will help the later develop their talents and will bring Leos good luck in their profession.

As a talisman of pyrope is usually given to friends and loved ones. It will bring these people success in personal life, will help maintain strong family relationships, will keep lovers safe from any unnecessary quarrels and struggles of life.

Pyrope can make a person truly happy if they are active and give themselves away in the name of any cause.




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