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Pyramids Healing Properties

piramida_shungitIt has long been established that pyramid-shaped items has a positive impact on the environment. It is well-known that all material bodies can radiate energy in one way or another, creating certain energy around them. At the same time, the material of which a pyramid is made should be concerned. You can make it of twigs and feel the beneficial influence of its shape in such pyramidal shelter. Plywood, cardboard and paper pyramids have healthful effect, but stone pyramids are the most beneficial for human beings, as well as animals and plants. They are usually made of nephrite, onyx, lapis lazuli, shungite, rose quartz and other minerals and rocks.

Pyramids are one of the best means of shielding harmful impact of geopathic zones. They accumulate cosmic energy provided that their base edges are oriented to the cardinal.

Pyramids Healing PropertiesJ. Lipovskii, a Russian expert in studying pyramids healing properties, has calculated the radius of the pyramid impact and estimated the size of their energy field. The magnitude of the impact depends on the size of the pyramid. The energy of the pyramid increases proportionally to its size.

A pyramid with the base of 5×5 cm produces the energy field of about 1.5 meters around it. The field around a pyramid with a 10×10 cm base expands to 3 meters.

Researchers point out that this field is conic-shaped and all the energy pathways radiated converge at one point. Only one beam radiated from the top of a pyramid is pointing up. Enel, an Egyptologist, discovered this beam and presented its ability to kill pathogenic organisms and cancer cells in his studies. He also demonstrated that pyramids have some highly beneficial biofield.

A pyramid is a symbol of never-ending aspiration upwards and achieving the goal.




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