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psilomelane is used as a meditation toolThe name of psilomelane comes from the Greek words which mean ‘smooth’, ‘naked’ and ‘black’. Another name of the mineral is romaneshite. Psilomelane is a manganese oxide. The mineral can be colored in black or dark brown. Its lustre is vitreous. The hardness is 5.0-6.0, and the density is 4.8 g/cm3. The mineral’s major deposits are located in India, Germany, and Georgia.

Healing Properties

Psilomelane is rarely used in folk medicine. It is believed that the stone can greatly facilitate one’s state when they have a cold caused by hypothermia. However, the mineral should not be used for a long time, since it can significantly reduce the kidneys energy. Psilomelane cannot be used for treatment of the people with low blood pressure. Some lithotherapists suppose that the mineral can stop the bleeding, and helps with tumors. It relieves the painful strains and dislocations as well.

Magical Properties

psilomelane relieves the painful strains and dislocationsIt is known for certain that psilomelane, like many other minerals colored in black, can have both positive and negative impact. Some practicing magicians utilize it to make amulets protecting their owners from the strange magic, evil spirits and the evil eye. In Europe, the stone is used as a meditation tool. Wearing psilomelane, you should be careful. At the first sign of mishaps approaching you, take it off and put it away for one month.

Just as some other black stones, black psilomelane is a talisman of powerful magicians, witches and mediums. The dark brown stone can serve as a talisman for people whose activities involves some risk to their life. As an amulet, you can use a keychain with a small piece of the raw mineral.




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