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Prehnite Properties

Healing Properties of Prehnite

Prehnite PropertiesIt is believed that prehnite properties enhance functioning of the immune and endocrine system if you wear a bead necklace made of the mineral around your neck.

Lithotherapists suppose that prehnite bracelets are helpful in the treatment of anemia and limb chilblain. Any jewelry piece made of this mineral can soothe the pain of gout attacks. If you wear this stone in the kidney area several hours a day, it will help get rid of such diseases as kidney failure, calculi formation and tumor genesis.

It is assumed that if you make prehnite earrings and pendants, the mineral can spare you from sclerosis and absent-mindedness and help you focus on the work, which will greatly enhance your performance.

Magical Properties of Prehnite

Properties of PrehniteIn many regions of the world prehnite is associated with tranquility and peace. Practicing magicians and mediums use this stone during their meditation sessions. The magical properties of prehnite enable one to penetrate the secrets of the past, even to remember their past lives, to foresee the future and communicate with spirits and their dead ancestors. The stone can also protect one during the astral travels.

In Europe people believe that prehnite properties affects the fairer sex. They should wear bracelets and necklaces made of this mineral as it helps to become very attractive to men. The stone endows women with confidence and all-time/unprecedented charm.

Astrologers haven’t found out yet which signs of the zodiac precisely prehnite patronizes/favors/protects.

Prehnite is considered a talisman of magicians, mediums and women. It protects all those who would like to reach harmony with the surrounding world. It is recommended to wear a pendant with prehnite around the neck as a talisman.

It will help people engaged in magic fathom mysteries of the world and comprehend the essence of things. Prehnite will present women with leadership abilities. It will help them cope with the challenges of women’s life, endow them with willpower and persistance.


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