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Prehnite, a Mascot of Sorcerers

Prehnite is a mineral of calcium and magnesium aluminum silicate.
The colouring of this mineral can be light green, white, yellow-green, gray-green, brownish-yellow.

PrehniteTranslucent prehnite is considered a gem tertiary gem and is not often used in jewelry. Sometimes there prehnite “cat’s eyes”.

Chemical composition of prehnite – Ca2Al(AlSi3O10)(OH)2.

Healing properties
Ethnomedicine claims that of prehnite beads can improve the immune system. Bracelets of this mineral help in cases of anemia. Lithotherapists suggest that prehnite jewelry or just stones can alleviate suffering in gout attacks. It is believed that if one wears the stone close to kidney for a few hours a day, they can cure nephatony and other kidney diseases. Earrings and pendants will help people suffering from excessive absent-mindedness.

Prehnite affects the heart chakra.

Prehnite Magical properties
In many countries prehnite represents calm, peace and harmony. Modern practicing magicians and mediums use this stone for meditation. Some sorcerers claim that using this crystal they can take a trip into the past, to recollect their previous lives, and even look into the future. In Europe, people believe that the stone has a peculiar impact on women. They are advised to wear necklaces and bracelets made of prehnite to gain more appeal to men as well as find their place in life, to become confident.

There is no definite opinion, what Zodiac sign prehnite corresponds to.

Talismans and Amulets

Prehnite is a mascot of sorcerers, mediums, women and all the people who seek harmony with the surrounding world. As a talisman you can use this crystal in a pendant. It will open the essence of things to those engaged in magic; it will help women to acquire leadership qualities and will supply extra energy.

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