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Precious Stones – the beauty, longevity, rarity

The three main advantages of precious stones – the beauty, longevity, rarity – make them stand out from the world of inanimate nature.

Beauty gives joy and helps us in our lives.

Longevity is what people have always sought for. This undoubtedly has a direct relationship to the precious stone. In ancient times people believed that the luckiest were the stones obtained by inheritance.

Rarity – this is a quality that is always appreciated, ever and everywhere. That small percentage of impurities, and most importantly their proportions give unique tones to jewels. And when this natural creation is produced in a single copy its value increases significantly.
We know what is available to everyone is little appreciated. And the rare is sometimes preferred even to the beautiful.

Despite the large number of classification methods, the scientists and researchers still fail to develop a clear and unambiguous scheme of dividing the precious stones into groups taking into account all the interrelated factors.

According to the common classification precious stones include:

Alexandrite Precious StonesDiamond Precious StoneRuby Precious StoneEmerald Precious StoneSapphire Precious Stoneaqvamarinberillperl1geliodor

Alexandrite Diamond Ruby Emerald

Sapphire Aquamarine Beryl Pearls



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