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Poudretteite was first discovered in Canada in 1987.Burma is famous for its extraordinary discoveries in the world of the gemstones. Rare minerals are commonly found in the northern Mogot. They are either of unknown mineralogy, or found somewhere else totaling only a few specimens.

A new mineral was found in Mogot in 2000. Being faceted, it turned into a gem of stunning purple color and weighed 3 carats. Four years later, another nine crystals of the same kind were produced in that mine. One of them had a shade of light pink. After faceting its weight was 9.41 carats. A careful study of the properties and chemical composition of the mineral indicated that all the specimens found were poudretteite.
Poudretteite was first discovered in Canada in 1987. The Poudrette family has owned a small mine in the bowels of Mount Saint-Hilaire, the highest mountain nearby Montreal, for ages. Since 1987, small pinkish crystals started to occur in the mine from time to time. Despite the low hardness, they took high-quality jewelry cutting. The Poudrettes were endowed with only about 300 gems. All of them are small and only about 20 crystals have a weight of more than one carat.

The gorgeous gemstone was never to be found in the Burma mine again.

The cost of poudretteite can vary greatly. It is priced from $2000 to $10 million per carat. The huge spellbinding purple crystals are the exception, for one can only speculate about their price.

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