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Pollucite was originally called polluxPollucite was originally called pollux. This mineral is of no interest for jewelers, as it doesn’t have any play of light. Pollucite is a cesium aluminosilicate. The specimens can be colorless or grayish. The minerals? lustre is vitreous, while its hardness is 6.5 and the density is 2.8-2.9 g/cm3. The major deposits are located in Germany and United States (Maine).

Healing Properties

Pollucite is rarely used in folk medicine. It is believed that you can improve your eyesight significantly and release eye pressure if you look into the stone daily for a few minutes. In some European countries, traditional healers recommend on holding a small piece of the stone in the hand daily for 2-3 minutes to remove the nervous strain. Modern lithotherapists assume that the mineral helps alleviate the effects of stressful situations, as well as get rid of insomnia and nightmares.

Magical Properties

Pollucite is rarely used in folk medicineMagical properties of pollucite are ambiguous. This stone is most often used for meditation by magicians and mediums. Modern practicing magicians think that pollucite is a great material to make an amulet protecting the home from negative energy, black magic, and other people’s envy. In some sources one can find the speculations that this mineral can protect the house from natural disasters, fires, lightning and burglary. It is recommended to hang a small piece of the raw mineral on the outside of all the windows of the house.

Both raw and polished crystals can be used as talismans for people involved in monotonous and uninteresting activities. The stone will endow its owner with optimism. It will help them find inner peace and harmony.

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