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Orthoclase is a stone of people born under the signs of Pisces and Cancer

The name of the mineral derives from the Greek words orthos meaning straight and kalo meaning fracture. Other names of the mineral and its varieties include ice spar, fish eye, hyalophane, aglaurite, and sanidine. Orthoclase is a variety of spar. The mineral can be colored in light brown, yellow, or brown. Both transparent and translucent […]

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Conichalcite affects the throat chakra.

The name conichalcite comes from the Greek words konis meaning powder and chalx meaning lime. Conichalcite is a compound containing arsenic. The mineral can be colored in bright green or yellowish. The luster is vitreous. The gem’s hardness makes up 4.5, and its density is 4.3 g/cm3. Major deposits of the stone are located in […]

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Crocoite will make you an all-round person

The name of this stone has an ancient Greek origin. It goes back to the word which is literally translated as ‘saffron’. Such names as red lead ore, Siberian red lead, and lead chromate are also used in academic writings and other sources. Crocoite has a bright orange-red coloring. The stone is quite brittle and […]

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Cacholong has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

The name of this stone has a Kalmuk origin. It derives from a combination of the words ‘kahe? (which is translated as ‘a river’) and ‘halong? (meaning ‘a stone’). Kalmuk agate is another name for the mineral. Sometimes plain folk also calls it ‘milk of sacred cows turned into stone’. Actually, cacholong is not an […]

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The magical properties of cassiterite are completely under its owner's conrol.

The name of this stone has an ancient Greek origin. The word ‘cassiterite? derives from the word that means ‘tin’. There are also other names of the stone and its varieties, like tin stone, tin ore, alluvial tin, lode tin and tin wood. Cassiterite is classified as a tin oxide mineral. The stone most commonly […]

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Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal is a Symbol of Loyalty

Rock crystal is a transparent colorless variety of quartz. It occurs as prisms with rhombohedral pointed heads. Composition SiO2 Other names Colorless quartz, rhinestone, quartz crystal, Alaska diamond, berg crystal, unripe diamond, mountain crystal Varieties Venus’s-hairstone is a rock crystal with the impurities of rutile, gothite, tourmaline or actinolite. Healing Properties Rock crystal is a […]

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Angelite is a variety of anhydrous calcium sulfate. It has purple or bluish tinge. The name is linked to its delicate coloring. You can find such a poetic name of this mineral as the angel’s stone. Most often, angelite has white, bluish, purple, grayish or reddish colors. The stone is translucent and gleams with glass […]

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