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Phenacite is used to normalize the nerve cells functioning.Phenacite is a rare mineral which is traditionally used as a gemstone. Its large crystals embedded in mica were first discovered in Russia in the 19th century. Phenacite deposits are located in the United States (Colorado), Madagascar, Norway, Brazil and other regions of the world.

The name of the stone derives from the Greek word ‘phenakos’, which can be translated as ‘a deceiver’. That’s because the mineral is often confused with quartz, topaz or even tourmaline. Phenacite crystals are commonly colorless, but they can also be white, yellow, pink, light red or even brown. Its clarity and brightness rates are much better than those of quartz, which makes phenacite more valuable. The finest specimens of the mineral hardly ever occur anywhere other than in museums and private collections.

Works of Phenacite

A jewelry piece with phenacite facilitates prosperity and welfare of its owner. It will be helpful for people who aspire to self-enriching and expanding their perception of the world. Being relatively inexpensive, jewelry with tiny phenacite crystals is highly energized and has powerful healing properties. In this regard, it is no worse than other ornaments with large crystals.

Healing Properties of Phenacite

Despite its subtle beauty, the healing effects of the stone cannot be underestimated. Phenacite is considered one of the most powerful minerals used in healing. Its combination with other crystals is also possible.

The stone is said to carry immensely high vibrations compared to other renowned minerals. It is a mighty tool for the activation of the upper chakras, especially the crown one.

Magical properties of phenacite are associated with the crown chakraPhenacite is able to cleanse all the chakras. It boosts the vibrational energy and, thereby, promotes restoring the body cells. The healing process takes place on the quantum level, so there is nothing magical about it. Phenacite is used to normalize the nerve cells functioning. It can be helpful in the treatment of nervous diseases and brain disorders. The stone activates the third eye chakra as well. It clears the mind and makes you more attentive. The mineral comes laden with love and positive energy. Phenacite is good for meditation; it provides access to the levels of perception that lay beyond intuition.

Magical Properties of Phenacite

Magical properties of phenacite are associated with the crown chakra. It is believed that the stone expands the consciousness and promotes enlightenment. The mineral can evoke vivid dreams and visions. Sensitive people may experience the enhancement of their psychic abilities. Phenacite is used to cleanse the aura, develop the connection with the spirits and other supreme forces.

Transparent phenacite, including crystals from milky white to colorless, contributes to the activation of the third eye. That may show up as clairvoyance, communication with spirits, meditation, and astral projection. The mineral enhances the healing properties of other crystals.

Yellow phenacite helps one have a deeper experience in meditation. Moreover, it facilitates profound comprehension of oneself. The mineral can be used to relieve despair and the fear of change. Yellow specimens, which were found in Russia, have purifying energy.

Phenacite crystals produced in Burma vibrate with the highest frequency. They stimulate the third eye chakra so intensely that it causes almost immediate pulsation and visions. Burmese phenacite greatly affect even those people who have no idea that the mineral activates the internal energy circulation.

As for astrological recommendations, there is no connection revealed between the stone and any specific sign of the zodiac.




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