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Petersite is an amulet of teachersPetersite was named after Sid Peters who first discovered the stone in Namibia. Till 1997, petersite was produced only in Namibia. Thus, the gem was rather expensive. Other names of the mineral include hawk’s eye and falcon’s eye. Petersite is one of the tiger’s eye varieties. The stone can be colored in yellowish-green, golden, or bluish. Its luster is vitreous. The hardness makes up 3.0-4.0, while the density is 3.4 g/cm3. The main deposits of the gemstone are located in Namibia and China.

Healing Properties

Lithotherapists assume that petersite affects the endocrine glands. They also believe that beads made of this mineral help one keep calm in stressful situations. Many folk healers claim that rings and clip-on earrings with petersite can significantly improve one’s memory. Gold-mounted pendants made from this stone help get over depression.

Petersite affects the throat chakra.

Petersite affects the throat chakraMagical Properties

Petersite rings are commonly used as a talisman. They protect their owners from the influence of negative energy of their haters. Such talismans also protect the nervous system in stressful situations. Women are recommended to wear a petersite bracelet to become more attractive.

Petersite is an amulet of teachers, tutors, and people whose work involves public speaking. As a talisman, this stone helps one develop the declamatory skills. The gem creates an atmosphere of trust around its owner, attracts success and recognition to them. The petersite amulet can bring one back to balance and keep them from emotional outbursts. The stone develops one’s talents and intuition.




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