Pegmatite bears positive energyPegmatite, also known as graphic granite or jewish stone, is quite a common mineral. In fact, it is not a mineral but a rock. The rock itself has white or yellow coloring, but the tint of mineral inclusions can vary. Thus, topaz, garnet, tourmaline and quartz inclusions are colored correspondingly.

Healing Properties of Pegmatite

Pegmatite is not used in lithotherapy, as it is not even a mineral. The healing properties of pegmatite remain virtually unstudied so far. However, it does not mean that the stone has no beneficial effect on its owner.

Magical Properties of Pegmatite

Pegmatite is suitable for all the zodiac signsPegmatite bears positive energy; therefore, it cannot make any harm to its owner. It is a great talisman for teachers and mentors, as well as scientists and brainworkers. The stone will bring them wealth and good luck, as well as help get along with their mentees. Yet pegmatite is useful not only for teachers, but also for students. It makes them more sedulous and helps them acquire a beautiful handwriting. The stone will help one focus on their studies, prepare for exams and enter a university with flying colors. The rock favors those who are engaged in scientific studies, or those who are doing a course work or a thesis to degree. It is important to remember that the more significant the paper is, the greater the pegmatite you use as an amulet should be.

Pegmatite is suitable for all the zodiac signs, or rather there is no sign that are be contraindicated to have it.