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Presently only 330 genuine painites are known worldwide.Painite is an extremely rare mineral. It is a transparent red stone. It was first found in Myanmar by Arthur Pain, after whom it was named, in the late 1950s.

The Guinness Book of World Records described painite as the rarest mineral in the world. About 25 minerals had only been found all over the world until 2005. Of these, only two were faceted. In early 2006, another deposit of painite was found in the northern Myanmar. It was believed that further development in that area might result in the discovery of large deposits of the painite crystals. However, it turned out that they were colored in thick maroon, almost brown, and their value was significantly lower than that of the crystals found previously. 10 tons of the raw material were produced, which enabled faceting of about 300 crystals. Presently only 330 genuine painites are known worldwide.

Several painites are in private collections. The rest of the crystals were distributed among the British Museum of Natural History, the Gemological Institute of America, the California Institute of Technology, and the Research Laboratory in Lucerne (Switzerland).

Painite is an extremely rare mineral.You should be careful as sale offers of the mineral recently started to appear on the Internet. As already mentioned, there are only about 330 painites in the world, of which only 25 are pieces of the red transparent natural mineral. So, you can try to estimate the probability that someone out of 330 owners would put up such a rarity for sale on the Internet. It is unlikely that the Swiss research laboratory or some other research institution will trade such priceless items online. In other words, you will be surely offered a fake.

There is an easy way to tell a natural painite from a fake one. If you will be ever so lucky as to get hold of this singular gemstone, bring it to a UV lamp. The genuine mineral has to turn green even in the low light.




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