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Orthoclase is a stone of people born under the signs of Pisces and CancerThe name of the mineral derives from the Greek words orthos meaning straight and kalo meaning fracture. Other names of the mineral and its varieties include ice spar, fish eye, hyalophane, aglaurite, and sanidine. Orthoclase is a variety of spar. The mineral can be colored in light brown, yellow, or brown. Both transparent and translucent crystals occur. The luster is vitreous, dull.The hardness makes up 6.0 and the density is 2.5-2.6 g/cm3.Major deposits of the mineral are located in Burma (Myanmar), India, and Sri Lanka.

Healing Properties

Experts in folk medicine believe that orthoclase alleviates suffering of people with various mental illnesses. They state that wearing beads and bracelets of orthoclase, as well as telling beads made of this stone daily, can release of most nervous disorders. In addition, it relieves from the effects of stressful situations and cures insomnia. Some lithotherapists assume that this mineral can enhance the therapeutic effect of chemical drugs prescribed in cancer.

Magical Properties

Orthoclase is often used in love magic to make amulets for couples in love. As long as lovers keep them, love and loyalty are maintained. There is a belief that changing the color the stone can predict the oncoming breakup. Magicians of some European countries practice making talismans of orthoclase. They hold their owners from being imprudent, making wrong decisions and letting their emotions prevail over reason.

Orthoclase is a talisman of poetsOrthoclase is a stone of people born under the signs of Pisces and Cancer. This mineral helps them gain a romantic view of life. The stone also helps practicing magicians develop their telepathic abilities. It reveals the mysteries of the nature and the universe. However, the mineral can be an enemy rather than an assistant for dark magicians, as it vigorously confronts any bad intentions.

Orthoclase is a talisman of poets. It can be a small piece of the raw stone in particular. When working on their creation, poets need to glance at the mineral now and then,so that inspiration would become their constant companion.

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