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Olivenite is an amulet of scientists, philosophers, teachers and mentorsThe mineral got its name because of its coloring, which is different shades of olive green. The tint sometimes varies from greenish-brown to brown. The stones may also be of the straw yellow, sage green and oyster white colors. The crystals are translucent or opaque. The luster is adamantine, vitreous. The mineral has the hardness of 3.0 and the density of 3.9-4.5 g/cm3.The main deposits are located in England, Chile, the USA, and South-West Africa.

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, there is a belief that due to its green color olivenite can stabilize blood pressure, soothe headaches, and cure eye diseases. It is thought that the mineral can ease the condition of weather-dependent people during magnetic storms. Some lithotherapists assume that with the help of olivenite one can treat spine diseases, neuralgia, and the central nervous system disorders. It should be remembered that the long-term exposure of the body to this mineral can lead to the gallstones formation because of the increased bile concentration.

olivenite can stabilize blood pressureMagical Properties

In some countries, olivenite embodies goodness, life, and revival. It is believed that this mineral has a peaceful effect and creates a sense of freshness. There is a belief that olivenite can attract love and bring harmony into the relationship of men and women.

Olivenite is an amulet of scientists, philosophers, teachers and mentors. One can use a small piece of the raw mineral as a talisman. It will help its owner understand the nature of the people around them better. Moreover, the stone will create an atmosphere of amiability and peace around them. People doing brain work are recommended to wear an olivenite amulet. Such an amulet will help women evoke keen interest of the opposite sex.

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