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Nosean is a talisman of warriors.Nosean was named after the mineralogist Karl Wilhelm Nose, who first described it. Similar minerals are sodalite, ha’yne, and lapis lazuli. The stone’s coloring may be gray, yellowish, greenish, or blue. The crystals are transparent. Its luster is vitreous and greasy. The mineral’s hardness is 5.5, and its density is 2.28-2.4 g/cm3. One of the deposits is located near Laach lake (Germany).

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, it is believed that yellow nosean has a purifying effect on the entire body. It stimulates the liver functioning and gives one an appetite. The blue mineral can cure kidneys and bladder diseases. It is also helpful in mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, hysteria, and the manic depressive disorder. It is believed that the gray nosean can release you from the consequences of stressful situations. Moreover, the stone normalizes sleep and relieves from insomnia and nightmares.

Magical Properties

nosean can evoke a sense of peace and inviolabilityIn some countries, magicians use the blue-colored minerals for making amulets to attract wealth. There is a belief that blue nosean can evoke a sense of peace and inviolability. Women are advised to wear amulets of the mineral to maintain their beauty and independence. The gem helps men gain courage and bravery. It will lead them to enlightenment and spirituality.

Nosean is a talisman of warriors. You can use the processed cube-shaped or pyramid-shaped mineral as an amulet. It will help its owner withstand troubles. In addition, the stone will give one courage and fuel them with cosmic energy.




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