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Nephrite Healing Properties of Nephrite

Our ancestors learned about healing properties of nephrite very long time ago. It was used in the treatment of almost every disease. People always carried nephrite around as preventative care, because they believed that it created a kind of shield around a person and didn’t let any infection break through.

In the Middle Ages a special powder made ”of nephrite was added to medicines and potions or just ingested first thing after bed in the morning and washed down with spring water. The healing properties of the stone are used in the treatment of urogenital disorders.

Nephrite improves both men’s and women’s reproductive health. Women are recommended to wear this stone in the abdominal area to ease the labor. Necklaces and bracelets with nephrite relieve from nightmares and insomnia.

NephriteMagical Properties of Nephrite

In ancient China it was believed that this mineral is a symbol of Wisdom and Eternity, the interaction between the Heaven and the Earth. It is believed that Buddha’s throne was made of nephrite. The Aztecs used it to make knives for the rites of human sacrifices.

The magical properties of nephrite grant a fortunate possessor with wisdom, enhance their lifeware and intuition. According to Confucius, nephrite makes its owner humane and merciful.

The stone favors Virgos and Libras, who should wear a nephrite bracelet. It will endow Virgos with happiness in their family life; the mineral can provide Libras with longevity and will have a firming effect on their reason in the old age.

Those who are searching for new scientifically significant evidence should wear this stone as a talisman. It will enhance their ability to analyze the information given and draw the right conclusions based on the limited data.




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